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From September 30th 2017 to February 25th 2018 the Vitra Design Museum is presenting  “An Eames Celebration“ Retrospective, which displays the comprehensive architectural and artistic Oeuvre of Charles and Ray Eames. The Retrospective includes four exhibitions taking place parallelly and we can highly recommend it!

Three reasons why we love the work of Charles and Ray Eames

Charles and Ray Eams are among the most famous designers in history. We tried to explain our enthusiasm for them in a nutshell:


Charles and Ray Eames combined and moved between multiple disciplines in a striking way. Among their famous interior masterpieces are multimedia installations, short films, exhibitions and architectural projects. Their portfolio stands out due to the timeless approach they had to their work.


They complimented each other perfectly within their collaboration, both on a personal and professional level. On the one hand Charles Eames, as an studied architect, had the profound technical expertise. On the other hand, Ray Eames, as a studied paintress, developed an inherent sense for colours, composition and form.

Open Mindedness

Together they created milestones for the history of Interior Design in the 20th century. While doing so, their own style was secondary. They primarily focused on actual necessities and tried to resolve the design problem by continuously improving the usability of their Products. To quote Charles Eames: The “looks good“ can change, but what works, works.“


Visit the Vitra Design Museum to be intrigued by timeless pieces of design and find out what inspires us to do what we do.


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