In September, FILD PIECES had the pleasure of attending a very special event here in Düsseldorf. 
The Sooner Now, hosted by Berlin's networking agency Freundevonfreunden and MINI, is a happening in various German cities that focuses on the future of urban life and the innovations/innovators which bring us closer to it. Curators invite forward-thinking minds that present their creative views and ideas, raising awareness for more unconventional possibilities of metropolitan existence.
September's edition was framed around a very relevant topic to us: "Future Fashion: New functions for new fabrics"- How does tomorrow's fashion work and why is this trend important for all of us?

Craftsmanship can completely change how a piece of clothing feels on our skin or how long it lasts.

Invitees were representatives of companies that have made ground-breaking progress on sustainable materials. They are shaping the movement against fast fashion and trend consumerism, showing that different source material and craftsmanship can completely change how a piece of clothing feels on our skin, how long it lasts and how sustainable it is.

Universal sustainability is the mantra of 

crafting plastics!

One of the speakers that really made an impression on us was Vlasta Kubušová from the Slovakian brand crafting plastics!. The company, based in Bratislava, works with local scientists to sucessfully create the world's first oil-free, carbon neutral and fully biodegradable plastic. Having recently released their self-designed eyewear collection, they seek to expand their studio's portfolio to a variety of other products (e.g. tables and chairs) on a global scale. Universal sustainability is the mantra while doing so. The glasses, for example, are made from 100% renewable sources and would take merely 90 days to decompose in an industrial compost - compare that with oil-based plastic's 1000 years!

Crafting plastics! are designers, researchers & producer

What intrigues us most is the hands-on approach crafting plastics! has in their production line. They are designers, researchers & producers. They are visionaries, trying to bring attention to alternative materials but are, at the same time, realistically aware that the current environment will still need a lot of time before it can fully transform.

We need to become more conscious consumers

This is exactly what we at FILD PIECES try to emphasize. It is a great challenge to create a value chain that is sustainable from beginning to end, which is the reason we as individuals need to promote this by rethinking and becoming more conscious consumers.
FILD PIECES strives to contribute to this emerging world by designing products that are thoughtfully stylish but come with longevity - something beautiful that will last you for years. 
Fashion does not necessarily need to be seasonal. A piece of clothing or an accessoire becomes so much more important when it is timeless.

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