We would like to introduce you to a recent inspiration of our’s: The iraqi-british architect Zaha Hadid.

We Love Her Minimalist And Abstract Style

During a recent trip to Lebanon, we stumbled upon a work of her’s in the American University of Beirut where she studied for a short time. The minimalist but abstract design of the building instantaneously made an impact on us.

She has been praised as to opening the door for experimentation in architecture in the 20th century, whilst always staying on top of a kind of deconstructed modernism.

The Buildings: Pieces Of Art That Embellish Cities All Around The World

We really love the way her intricate designs redefine the geometry of a building, constantly changing from perspective to perspective. Truly, these are ageless pieces of art that embellish cities all around the world.

Some of her most famous pieces include the aquatic centre for the London 2012 Olympics and the Guangzhou Opera House in China. We were also happy to see a early work of her’s here on Stressemannstraße in Berlin as well!

The First And Only Woman To Be Awarded By The Royal Institute Of British Architects

Hadid passed away in 2016 after a very successful life, winning various awards, including being the first and only woman to be awarded the Royal Gold Medal from the Royal Institute of British Architects.

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